Closed solid preparation linkage line

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  • The traditional granulation and drying technology is that each equipment is set in a separate purification room, and the material is rotated in several purification rooms, which can not avoid the phenomenon of artificial secondary pollution.The new solid preparation granulation and drying line adopts the sealed transportation mode, which ensures that the granulation and drying process can be completed in the same purification room, eliminates the secondary pollution caused by human beings, makes the granulation and drying process more scientific and reasonable, reduces the occupied space of equipment, and makes the production process more in line with GMP requirements.

    2. Full consideration is given to the matching of equipment between the systems. According to the actual output and dosage form of users, the matching equipment of corresponding types can be matched, so that the production of the front and back processes can reach an ideal and reasonable allocation, and the continuity and stability of production can be guaranteed.

    3. Through the man-machine interface control system, the process data of wet granulation and boiling drying granulation can be stored, collected and printed separately.Through a control cabinet to control the setting and monitoring of parameters of multiple devices, all parameters can be set and modified at different levels and a multi-level password can be set at the corresponding level.The main menu of the control system can reflect the working status and data statistics in real time, and the fault self-diagnosis system can reflect the equipment fault situation and alarm record, so that the production process can be fully automated and the stability of the process can be guaranteed.

    4. The advantages of each equipment of wet granulator and boiling drying granulator are fully embodied.At the same time, the combination of wet granulator and dry granulator and system can ensure a high yield of granulation.5. Vacuum feeding device and sequence lifting device have high automation production conditions. The traditional manual operation is replaced by automation and mechanization production line, which reduces labor intensity and dust pollution.6. Fully automatic in-situ cleaning sprinkler can be set up at multiple points according to user's needs, which ensures CIP in-situ cleaning reliably.
    Equipment Features of Equipment
    PLC intelligent control, high degree of automation, easy operation and maintenance.
    The equipment is designed according to the 2bar withstanding voltage standard, and all parts of the machine have good grounding mode.
    Bullet-type whole grain head, easy to install and flexible.
  • Specifications
    GFS-0.5 FLG-5 FLG-30 FLG-60 FLG-120 FLG-150 FLG-250 FLG-300 FLG-500
    0.5 5 30 60 120 150 250 300 500
        LD-100 LD-200 LD-300 LD-400 LD-600 LD-800 LD-1200
        ZKS-1 ZKS-1 ZKS-2 ZKS-3 ZKS-3 ZKS-4 ZKS-5
        ZS-350 ZS-515 ZS-800 ZS-800 ZS-1000 ZS-1000 ZS-1200
        ZKS-1 ZKS-2 ZKS-2 ZKS-3 ZKS-4 ZKS-4 ZKS-5
    GHL-3 GHL-15 GHL-100 GHL-200 GHL-400 GHL-500 GHL-800 GHL-1000 GHL-1500
    GZL-80 GZL-80 GZL-80 GZL-180 GZL-250 GZL-300 GZL-350 GZL-350 GZL-450
    FG-0.5 FG-5 FG-30 FG-60 FG-120 FG-150 FG-250 FG-300 FG-500
        ZKS-1 ZKS-1 ZKS-2 ZKS-3 ZKS-4 ZKS-4 ZKS-5
        NTF-100 NTF-200 NTF-300 NTF-400 NTF-500 NTF-800 NTF-1000
        GZL-80 GZL-180 GZL-250 GZL-300 GZL-350 GZL-350 GZL-450
        LD-100 LD-200 LD-300 LD-400 LD-600 LD-800 LD-1200

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