Solvent recovery vacuum oven

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  • Characteristic:
    It is suitable for low temperature drying of thermosensitive materials which are easy to decompose, polymerize and deteriorate at high temperature. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronic and other industries.The so-called vacuum drying means that the drying materials are heated and dried under vacuum conditions. If the vacuum pump is used to extract air and humidity, the drying rate will be accelerated.
    _The boiling point of the material solution in vacuum decreases, which increases the heat transfer impetus of the evaporator. Therefore, the heat transfer area of the evaporator can be saved by a certain heat transfer amount.
    Low pressure steam or waste heat steam can be used as heat source for evaporation operation.
    The evaporator has less heat loss.
    Before drying, disinfection can be carried out, and no impurities are mixed in the drying process, which meets the requirements of GMP.
    _belongs to static vacuum dryer, so the shape of drying materials will not be damaged.
    Note: If the condenser is used, the solvents in the material can be recovered through the condenser. If the solvent is water, the condenser is not needed to save energy investment.
    Optional configuration
    Ultra-Low Vacuum System Flat Plate Dryer Solvent Recovery Tank High Temperature System Online Cleaning Sterilization Oil Barrel Vacuum (Patent) One Room Two Temperature (Patent)
    Matching equipment
    Vacuum Pump Circulating Heating Water Tank Dryer External Vehicle Mixer
  • Name Model In-box dimension wide X deep X high (mm) External dimension wide X deep X high (mm) Heat transfer layer Interlayer distance (mm) Number of drying plates (only) Evaporation area (m3) Vacuum (MPa) Maximum temperature Steam pressure (Mpa)
    ZDF-5 940x1000x1200 1240x1350x1680 8 120 16 5 -0.096 100 0.2-0.6
    ZDF-10 950x1450x1200 1250x1730x1680 8 120 24 7 -0.096 100 0.2-0.6
    ZDF-15 1160x1360x1200 1500x1700x1700 8 120 32 9 -0.096 100 0.2-0.6
    ZDF-20 1160x2000x1200 1500x2300x1770 8 120 48 14 -0.096 100 0.2-0.6
    ZDF-30 1160x2000x1400 1500x2300x1900 10 120 60 17 -0.096 100 0.2-0.6
    ZDF-35 1480x1450x1600 1740x1760x2100 12 120 72 20 -0.096 100 0.2-0.6
    ZDF-40 1480x1950x1460 1740x2600x1970 11 120 88 24 -0.096 100 0.2-0.6
    ZDF-45 1480x1950x1600 1740x2260x2100 12 120 96 27 -0.096 100 0.2-0.6
    ZDF-50 1600x1950x1600 1920x2330x2100 12 120 108 29 -0.096 100 0.2-0.6
    ZDF-55 1600x2600x1600 1920x2950x2100 12 120 144 34 -0.096 100 0.2-0.6
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