Laboratory mixer

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  • The HLS laboratory mixer is suitable for mixing tests between dry powders of different components, between particles or between powders and particles in the laboratory.It is an ideal model for exploring the technological parameters of material mixing.It is an advanced experimental equipment of mechatronics.
    (1) The cylinder body of this series has no dead angle, the inner wall is polished well and no material is accumulated.
    (2) The cylinder is made of stainless steel with polished inner and outer walls and beautiful appearance. The outlet is a butterfly valve, which is easy to clean.
    (3) The barrel can be used as the feeding barrel in the upper process and the feeding barrel in the lower process. There is no need for frequent feeding and feeding in different process sections in the same container.Effectively control dust and cross-contamination, reduce material loss, control material stratification, optimize production process, complete GMP requirements.
    (4) Equipped with timer and frequency converter, it can be easily adjusted.
    (5) Low noise, no vibration.
    (6) The mixing uniformity is over 99% and the volumetric loading coefficient is 0.80.
  • Model Total capacity L Working Volume L Power V Power Kw Speed min (adjustable) Weight kg
    HLS-5 5 4 380 0.75 3-25 100
    HLS-10 10 8 380 0.75 3-25 100
    HLS-20 20 16 380 0.75 3-25 120
    HLS-50 50 40 380 0.75 3-20 180
    HLS-100 100 80 380 0.75 3-15 240

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