Automatic feeding mixer

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  • Technical Features
  • Technical Parameters
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  • I. Overview of Equipment
    HZT is the most widely used powder mixing equipment with high mixing uniformity and high loading coefficient.The movable hopper greatly facilitates loading, mixing, discharging and cleaning, and can be connected with the front and back process equipment to form a pipeline, which effectively overcomes the dust and cross-contamination caused by repeated material transfer.Automatic hoist hopper mixer
    This machine can automatically complete all the actions of lifting, clamping, mixing and descending. With a mixing hopper of different specifications, it can meet the requirements of mixing in large quantities and varieties. It is an ideal equipment for general mixing in pharmaceutical factories.And widely used in food, chemical industry and other industries.
    II. Working Principle
    The machine is composed of base, rotary body, driving system, lifting system, braking system and control system.When working, the mixing hopper is pushed into the rotary body, and the "confirmation" key on the touch screen is pressed, the mixing hopper can be automatically lifted in place and automatically clamped.After the pressure sensor gets the clamping signal, the driving system works and mixes according to the set time and speed; after reaching the set parameters, the revolving body can automatically stop vertically, while the braking system works and the mixing ends; then the lifting system works, the mixing hopper in the revolving body drops to the position, stops automatically, and prints the process data.Finally, the mixing hopper is pushed out and transferred to the next process.
    III. Equipment Characteristics
    1. Intelligent PLC Control and Graphical Interface
    2. The hopper has smooth interior and no dead angle, and the dust entry and cross-contamination are eliminated by mixing under sealed condition.
    3. Configuration of anti-misoperation discharging butterfly valve
    4. Frequency conversion integrated reducer drive, easy to operate, maintain and clean
    5. Mobile hopper is convenient for transporting materials and loading and unloading.
    6. Mixing time and mixing speed can be adjusted by touch screen to ensure good mixing effect, automatic system positioning, automatic printing record, fault prompt and alarm.
    7. Automatic completion of clamping, lifting, mixing, descending and all other actions
    8. The hopper can be replaced.Suitable for multi-variety production requirements
  • Model Mixed speed
    Hopper volume
    Maximum loading volume
    Maximum loading
    Total power
    HZT-300 3-20 300 240 150 4.75 1800
    HZT-400 3-20 400 320 200 4.75 2000
    HZT-600 3-20 600 480 300 7 2500
    HZT-800 3-20 800 640 400 7 2700
    HZT-1000 3-15 1000 800 500 8.5 3000
    HZT-1200 3-15 1200 960 600 8.5 3200
    HZT-1500 3-15 1500 1200 750 10.5 3600
    HZT-1800 3-15 1800 1440 900 11.5 4000
    HZT-2000 3-15 2000 1600 1000 11.5 4200

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