Three-dimensional motion mixer

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  • SYH-Series Three-Dimensional Motion Mixer
    Main uses: This machine is suitable for high uniformity mixing of powder and granular materials in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry, electronics, mining and metallurgy, national defense industry and scientific research units.
    II. Working Principle:
    The machine is composed of a base, a speed regulating motor, a shaft, a rotary connecting rod and a barrel.Driven by the main shaft, the loading cylinder moves horizontally and rock-and-roll, which promotes the material to move in three directions along the cylinder, including circumferential, radial and axial direction, so as to realize the mutual flow, diffusion and doping of various materials, so as to achieve the purpose of high uniformity mixing. This machine is a sterile, dust-free, fully enclosed, high-efficiency and energy-saving mixer.
    3. Characteristics:
    There is no centrifugal force and gravity segregation, stratification and accumulation during mixing.The three-dimensional motion mixer utilizes the unique three-degree motion, translation rotation and rock principle to produce a strong alternating pulse-break motion, which continuously promotes the mixing of materials. The eddy current generated by the mixer has a variable energy gradient, thus producing excellent mixing effect.The machine also has the advantages of smooth operation, low noise, high loading coefficient, short mixing time and so on. The machine is composed of seat, transmission system, electrical control system and multi-direction transport mechanism.Because of the multi-directional movement of the mixing barrel, the material in the barrel has more cross-mixing points, and the mixing effect is high. The uniformity of the barrel can reach 99.9% and the maximum loading coefficient can reach 0.9 (the common mixer is 0.4-0.6).The mixing time is short and the efficiency is high.The mixing barrel of the three-dimensional mixer has unique shape design. The inner wall of the barrel is polished finely, without dead angle, no pollutants, easy to discharge, easy to clean and operate, etc.
  • Model Barrel Volume L Maximum loading coefficient Spindle speed r/min Motor power Kw External size
    Length * width * height mm
    Whole machine weight Kg
    Si H 1 1 60%-80% 015 0.12 500* 600 x 600 50
    Si h 5 5     0.25 600* 1000 x 1000 90
    Si h 15 15     0.37 700* 1000 x 700 120
    Si h 50 50   011 1.1 1000* 1400 x 1200 210
    Si h 100 100     1.5 1200* 1700 x 1500 550
    Shine h 200 200     2.2 1400* 1800 x 1600 620
    Si H 4 400     4 1800* 2100 x 1950 780
    Si h 6 600     5.5 1900* 2100 x 2250 1060
    Sun h 8 800     7.5 2200* 2400 x 2300 1520
    Sun h 1000 1000     7.5 2250* 2600 x 2600 1800
    Sun h 200 1200     11 2500* 2750 x 2200 2080
    Si h 500 1500     11 2250* 3000 x 2850 2200

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